Privacy information for job applicants

1. Content and purpose

Handling personal data trustfully and responsibly is a key principle of iC Consult Group (“iC Consult”) and it´s affiliate companies. This especially is valid in regard of our job applicant´s data. The controller of the respective underlying processing of data is the iC Consult group company, you have applied for a job with and which is named as the hiring company in the job ad. An exhaustive list of our group companies provides

This information on how applicants´ personal data is processed is meant to inform persons applying for a job at iC Consult about this processing and about their rights as a data subject  as per the EU-General-Data-Protection-Regulation (EU-GDPR).

2. Which information about job applicants is processed by iC Consult and how is this data collected?

During the application process, iC Consult is processing its´ applicant´s personal data. That especially affects any data provided by the applicants themselves. Among others, the following data is processed:

  • Information which is mandatory as per the application form, such as name, e-mail-address and phone number.
  • Data which is part to the application you uploaded, such as especially title, gender, birthdate- and -place, address, nationality, CV, professional experience and training, competences, testimonies, photographs (if provided on a voluntary basis) and drivers license, etc.
  • Any further data you may provide for application purposes.

You are not obliged to provide any data. However, we kindly ask you to consider that an application process may not be executed if the data marked as mandatory in the job ad is not provided and that your application will likely have to be declined in case you should not provide the data marked as necessary or even no data at all.

3. For which purposes and on which legal basis is our applicants´ personal data processed?

iC Consult is processing application data in compliance with the applicable data protection legislation and for the purpose of executing the application process, which, again, means to decide on whether or not an employment relationship is initiated, Art. 88 I EU-GDPR, Section 26 para. 1 German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). Such processing may include the internal handling of your application as well as the potential event of contacting you. In this regard, iC Consult may process personal application data also to comply with legal obligations, iC Consult is subject to, Art. 6 para. 1, sentence 1, lit. c EU-GDPR. Moreover, your personal data may be processed basing on our legitimate interest in processing, Art. 6 para. 1, sentence 1, lit. f EU-GDPR. Your consent, however does usually not use as the legal basis of personal application data.

4. Which entities are personal application data transferred to?

This career-website and its application form are provided and operated by iC Consult Group GmbH, Keltenring 14, 82041 Oberhaching, Germany. Should you apply with a different iC Consult Group company, the iC Consult Group GmbH is acting as a processor on behalf of the further iC Consult Group companies and acts as the latter´s manager of the application process. As a processor, iC Consult Group GmbH is contractually obliged to handle that data confidential and solely for the purpose of providing the mentioned service.

Should you have applied for more than one position, iC Consult Group GmbH will transfer your personal data to the one iC Consult Group company hiring as well as to the persons and recruiters in charge of the respective hiring decision. Within iC Consult and its affiliate companies, your data is transferred only to the instances and persons requiring this data to fulfill their contractual and legally mandatory tasks or who have a corresponding legitimate interest. Your data is basically not transferred or disclosed beyond this scope.

A transfer of personal application data to recipients in third countries – which is countries outside the EU rsp. Outside the EEC- does take place in case you apply with a respective group company, only (see An application with a group company based in a third country, however, does automatically mean a transfer of your data to this company´s country of residence – where the level of data protection may be of a different kind.

Should you have consented accordingly, Art. 6 Para. 1, sentence 1, lit. a EU-GDPR, your data may be transferred to further iC Consult Group companies (see serving the latter´s hiring purposes. Your declaration of consent is voluntary and may be revoked anytime, with effect for the future and without the requirement of naming reasons by sending an e-mail to

5. How long is your application data retained?

iC Consult will delete your application data 6 months after the application process has terminated, if not iC Consult is entitled to further keep it for reasons of legitimate interest or basing on a declaration of consent.

Should an applicant be entitled to being reimbursed for travel expenses, the respective evidence -as per reasons of tax law/ law of duties- has to be retained for a period of 10 consecutive years, Art. 6 Para.1, Sentence 1, lit. c EU-GDPR in combination with the respective provisions of tax law/ the law of duties. Please feel free to turn to us in case of any request in regard of the retention of personal data at iC Consult.

6. Which rights are job applicants entitled to in regard of their personal data?

As per the provisions of Articles 15 to 22 EU-GDPR and their respective conditions, job applicants are entitled to:

  • Receive information on which data is processed about them and to receive a copy of their data (“Right to data access”);
  • Having their personal data corrected rsp. Completed in case such data is incorrect or incomplete (“Right to data rectification”);
  • Having personal data affecting them deleted if it is processed in violation of the EU-GDPR, especially case the job applicant should have withdrawn his declaration of consent or has legitimately contradicted the processing (“Right to withdraw consent” and “right to contradict a processing”);
  • Having the processing of their data restricted or to contradict a certain processing (“Right to restricted processing” and “right to contradict a processing”);
  • Having their data transferred
  • Withdraw a declaration of consent

No decision with legal or comparable effect for an applicant is result of a fully automated processing of personal data – inclusively of profiling.

Every job applicant is entitled to lodge a complaint with a data protection supervisory authority.

7. Contact and additional information

Data Protection Officer