Our Values

At iC Consult, we bring to life the values of pragmatism, excellence, freedom, efficiency and collaboration. And we balance them out. This way, our people, business, and technology form a coherent system – one that consistently focuses on customer benefits and innovation.

iC Consult Values and Culture Chart Pragmatism, Collaboration, Efficiency, Freedom, Excellence

When these values are in harmony, our customers see us as the experts who get it done and also think ahead. With a maximum of operational excellence and common sense.


We’re solution-oriented and hands-on. Short decision-making processes and a view of the big picture are what sets us apart. We evaluate new ideas, solutions, and concepts according to their success – and drive them forward with passion.


Best-of-breed solutions and vendor independent IAM expertise help us integrate the optimum products into customer systems. With the goal of zero-defect IAM, we set new standards and create added value for everyone.


Successful service and project performance is the standard by which we measure ourselves – every day. We always want to achieve something new. Sometimes we make mistakes, but we learn from them and are better the next time.


We cultivate openness, honesty, decisiveness, a sense of responsibility, and mutual respect. No matter whether we work as a team or individually: We enjoy winning and being successful together!


Successful internal and external collaboration is our recipe for success – interdisciplinary, intercultural, across projects: We understand and integrate individual needs and perspectives as well as knowledge and experiences to achieve common goals. We strive for real win-win solutions and avoid lazy compromises.